Dispute Resolution or ADR There are times when communication breaks down and disputes can start to get out of hand. Faced with the possibility of huge litigation costs clients will often seek a negotiated settlement and may need the help of a neutral third party. Your solicitor or legal advisor may already have advised you to use the services of a mediator. The success rate for mediation is high, with over 80% of disputes settled on the day or soon afterwards* Our ADR Group Approved Mediator, Barry Hobbs, is available to help the parties to resolve their dispute. Media Mediator A division of: Eminence Grise Consulting Limited www.mediamediator.co.uk * According to ADR Group figures for Commercial Mediation Alternative Dispute Resolution Eminence Grise: (fr.) A knowledgeable person who remains in the background © Eminence Grise Consulting Limited 2010